“Dr. Deena is a woman of these times and to me, she represents all the strength and kindness that is being forgotten in this new generation…I went through a bad time myself and she was a solid friend and did not judge me, like so many others at the time. Lately whenever her name comes up, it’s always something progressively positive and sincere. I’m lucky to know her as a friend and a professional.”

– Michael Madsen, Screen Actor

“Dr. Manion is one of the most caring and compassionate professionals.”

– Dr. Phil, The Dr. Phil Show

“Thank you Dr. Deena Manion, we do not know what we would do with out you.”

– Dr. Phil, The Dr. Phil Show

“I have been working professionally with Dr. Deena for ten years in addiction and mental health treatment centers. Whenever I’m consulting on a case where I know that everything has to go absolutely perfect…. Dr. Deena is the only professional who I trust with my clients. Each time I’ve brought her on a case, my clients have been amazed at all that she brings to the table!”

– Cameron Saul, Owner, Informed Momentum

“Dr. Deena Manion is the real deal! I have complete trust in her clinical skills and her care for people.”

-Anthony Haskins, Dr. Phil Show, Resource Director

“Dr. Deena is as eloquent, passionate, informative, empowering, self-aware, entertaining, and insightful as they come. She understands what makes men tick, what women want, and what all of us really need on our journey to find love, connection, happiness, and lead our fullest lives.”

– Brian Howie, Host of The Great Love Debate podcast, Author, Producer

“I have known Dr.Deena for almost twenty years. I worked as her right hand man in a premiere treatment center in MALIBU. I watched her work with clients with compassion, humor, directness and true understanding of their struggles. I am now a doctor and therapist, I travel around the world lecturing on addiction… and I attribute so much of what I apply in my own practice to her teachings.”

– Dr. Iraj Shamsian, Owner, Path to Recovery Treatment Center and media personality/speaker

“I have had the honor of working alongside Dr. Deena Manion for well over a decade. During that time I witnessed first hand how Dr Manion continually combines professionalism with an innovative unparalleled clinical skill set. She has been a mentor to me.”

– Dr. Hillary Berens, CEO Avalon MALIBU

“I have known Dr. Deena in a professional capacity since 1999. We worked side by side treating very complex, challenging cases with individuals and families struggling with serious mental health issues. Dr. Deena, because of her excellent skills as clinician, has demonstrated a unique ability to treat very difficult cases and get positive results when other therapists have been unsuccessful. In addition, during the years I have been working with Dr. Deena she has revealed superior leadership competence in her resolve by making quick decisions in volatile situation, in building and fostering relationships among staff and eliciting trust and dependability from the treatment team.”

– Dr. Giovanni Aponte, Clinical Psychologist

“Dr. Deena has a talent for reading people immediately. She talks to clients in a way that makes them feel safe to open up and ask for help. I cannot count the number of times that she was able to persuade an ambivalent client to stay in treatment. Her past clients include hundreds if not thousands of people who have stayed sober as a result of working with her. I worked under Dr. Deena as a mentor and supervisor for many years…starting as a counselor, intern and licensed therapist and trauma expert. The training under Dr. Deena has been priceless!!!!”

– Anne Rose, LMFT, Therapist in private practice, Walnut Creek, CA

“Dr. Deena has been a respected and admired colleague of mine for over a decade. She has a wonderful balance of compassion and respect for all of her clients, along with a sophisticated clinical acumen and wealth of experience. I would comfortably entrust a loved one, family member or friend to Dr. Deena’s care.”

– Shari Corbitt, PsyD, founder of Awakenings Treatment Center

“Dr. Deena Manion, to put it simply, is probably one of the most influential and respected voices of our profession. With grace and ease, Dr. Manion has captivated clients and audiences from around the globe and led them on journeys toward building lives they never thought possible.”

– Dr. Ronaye Calvert-Conley, Owner, Revive Detox and Residential Treatment Center

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I think it is common for people who drink too much to say “oh I was blacked out so I don’t remember.” But when does black out drinking turn from just too much drinking to a problematic deadly game.

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